GSSB Book Donation Reimbursement

Book Donation Reimbursement ProgramGSSB sponsors a book reimbursement program for members interested in obtaining certain books or resources for their research that might also benefit our overall library growth.  
The program is a 50% reimbursement of the purchase price paid by a member wishing to donate the purchased item to the GSSB Genealogy Resource Library  after they use it for a short while. This greatly helps both the member and our library users.
Members must receive pre-approval for the purchase reimbursement from the Library Development Chairperson, who will review the request for budget constraints, overall cost considerations, material duplication, and appropriateness for the library.  Once approved, the member purchases the book and provides the chairperson the receipt from the purchase when it is donated to the library.  The society reimburses the member for half the cost of their purchase once entered into our collection. The Library Development Chairperson may use their discretion regarding approvals, however, we are always looking to improve the diversity of research materials available in our library.
Click HERE for book reimbursement procedures