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French and Canadian Heritage Society
Welcome to the French and Canadian Heritage Society! Are you at a dead end with some of your genealogical research? Are lines such as Gardner, Bishop, Parker, Baker, Smith just impossible to find? Maybe we can help since perhaps you should instead be looking for Jardinier, Paquet, Belanger or Desforges.  Immigration to America of people having French Canadian descent can be found across North America. For example, between 1840 and 1930, over 900,000 French Canadians immigrated to the United States, mostly from the New England area, but also into many other regions of America. This event is known as the "Grande Hémorragie." 
The French & Canadian Heritage Society is a Special Interest Group of the GSSB. Focusing on French, Canadian, and Acadian genealogical research. We periodically have speakers and programs for the group related to our specialized area of family history. The group meets in the Melbourne, FL Public Library and has accumulated a special genealogy library collection related to French and Canadian ancestry and is held within the larger GSSB collection at the Melbourne Public Library Family History Room. F&CHS is open to all GSSB members.
F&CHS meets in the Conference Room in the Melbourne Public Library on Fee Avenue on the 3rd Monday of the month from 9:30 to 11:45 a.m.  We do not have a separate meeting in December from the holiday meeting with GSSB.  
Joining The GroupJoining the French & Canadian Heritage Society is as easy as becoming a member of the GSSB and expressing interest in joining our Special Interest Group.