Genealogical Society of South Brevard County Florida
Genealogical Society of South Brevard
Genealogical Society of
South Brevard
P.O. Box 786
Melbourne, Florida


The Genealogical Society of South Brevard is organized exclusively for the purposes of literary and educational work in the field of genealogical research and related areas of family history.

The purpose and objectives of the Society are:

  • To promote and stimulate knowledge and interest in the scientific study of genealogy.  

  • To assist members and non-members in educational programs and workshops in genealogy and family history.

  • To stimulate an interest in genealogy in young people and to encourage them to start keeping personal and family history records.  

  • To provide for exchange of information among members.

  • To enhance and expand the genealogical section of the Melbourne Public Library on Fee Ave for so long as the Library is able and willing to take effective steps to protect the collection, while simultaneously making those materials available to the general public.

  • To record and maintain copies of family information from Bibles, ledgers, and other family records. 

  • To prevent duplication of effort.

  • To encourage the indexing and maintaining of all genealogical publications.

  • To educate and encourage the use acceptable genealogical standards.